Love will always be there to get you through even the toughest of days...You just have to be open to receiving it.



Head Photographer & Owner of ElaBee Cine-Photography

I’m an upbeat, goofy, hard working, wife, mom, wedding photographer and business owner who loves making others smile.

I’m also a girly girl and a tomboy born in the early 90s. I love sweatpants and big shirts. And If you were to visit me on my days off, you’d most likely find me wearing my husbands clothes. Comfy and cozy are seriously my number one priorities when it comes to what I wear.

But I do love to dress up!

I may not always show it, but deep down inside I love to look and feel stylish and sexy. -- The clothes, the shoes, the hair...I like to look good! And my husband doesn’t mind either.

My Motto:  Keep it super simple (because I tend to overcomplicate things!)

Favorite ice cream: It’s a tie between Coconut and Cookies and Cream

Favorite color to wear: You'll most likely find me wearing black somewhere in my outfit… It seriously goes with everything!

My values: Integrity, encouraging, and serving others are truly my number one priorities.

My heart: I honestly believe that pain may come and go, but no matter what, Love will always be there to get you through even the toughest of days. It’s at the center of everything. You just have to be open to receiving it.


I love photography! It's been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I honestly can't imagine myself doing anything else. It's what I'm called to do. My heart naturally gets so excited before, during, and after every session or wedding, because I know the images are a beautiful gift that I can give to my couples. They are memories they can look back on and remember the love and joy they shared on the day they made their Forever Promise. And being able to bless people in that way is what keeps me going! 




All of our associates are all talented and experienced professional photographers.

One of these talented photographers will either be shooting along side Pamela B. or your lead photographer. And on the chance the Pamela B. isn't available for your date, you can mix and match whomever you'd like to cover your special day!  Either way, be rest assured that your Forever Promise will be beautifully captured by professionals and remembered forever! 

Treneka Headshot

Treneka Gross

Associate Photographer

I am an ambivert born in Louisiana, raised in Vermont and Virginia with a love of travel and good food! I am kind of a theater nerd and musicals may just be my favorite genre of film, I dream of being in a musical but the vocal chords just don't cut it!

Laughing is my favorite! I love to see our clients laugh with excitement and joy, or just at something silly that was said or done! Photography is something I love to do, but on my off days you would most likely find me chilling in a local coffee shop alone, catching up with friends, or youth from church! You might also see me walking around downtown enjoying the scenery!

Favorite Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s "Everything But"...I mean if I am going to indulge I am going to go all in!!

My Motto: Life is too short not to laugh! And there is always a reason to celebrate!

Favorite Color: Black and grey, super basic but never fails me!

My Heart: Life is a precious gift given to us and worthy of celebration! Celebrating by savoring the moments with those near to us, being present, and loving others.


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